UreaGel Complete Buffer

  • For use with UreaGel-6, UreaGel-8 and SequaGel XR
  • Contains TBE and TEMED in distilled, deionized water
  • Certified nuclease free
Catalog number: EC-841

Component of the UreaGel-6, UreaGel-8 and SequaGel XR systems, the UreaGel Complete Buffer helps formulate some of the most trusted, easy-to-use solutions that have been favored worldwide in genomic electrophoresis research.  When combined with the monomer solution of either of the three aforementioned systems, UreaGel Complete Buffer helps the researcher develop higher band resolution and produce crystal clear gels on a consistent basis.

UreaGel Complete Buffer is included in each of these systems, but is also offered as a standalone product should the researcher deplete the supplied amount.

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