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Post Electrophoretic Analysis

Post-Electrophoretic Visualization with Nuclistain

National Diagnostics' Nuclistain offers a significant increase in sensitivity over UV shadowing, along with the convenience of visual staining. With Nuclistain there is no need for UV light. Nuclistain is a blue dye that binds to DNA, revealing blue bands after destaining with water. Nuclistain detects DNA down to levels of 50ng.

Note: Nuclistain does not modify the DNA in any way, and it is easily removed from DNA following band isolation.

Detecting Nucleic Acids with Nuclistain

  1. Dilute Nuclistain stock 1:100 in distilled or deionized water. Prepare enough solution to completely submerge the gel.
  2. Stain the gel with agitation for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Destain in deionized water. Bands will begin to appear within 15 minutes. Complete destaining for maximum sensitivity requires 3-12 hours.

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