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National Diagnostics is a principal world source for the development and manufacture of chemicals and related products for scientific research. We are particularly proud of the innovations we have made to improve laboratory safety and reduce the environmental impact of research. The National Diagnostics label on any product is an assurance of the highest level of quality and that all raw materials and finished products adhere to the most stringently controlled specifications.

In addition, National Diagnostics products are designed with an emphasis on minimizing hazards, incorporating environmentally-friendly features such as low toxicity, biodegradable solvents wherever possible. In combination with our exceptional technical and customer service staff, these products allow our customers to pursue scientific research with the knowledge that they are using the best, most reliable, safest products available.

National Diagnostics is a woman-owned small business and is self-certified. National Diagnostics is registered with SAM, CCR, and SBA.

Product Quality

Recognizing that today’s research depends on reagents that are consistent with the highest quality, National Diagnostics employs a rigorous system of quality assurance and quality control. Continuous monitoring from receipt of raw materials through the packaging of final product enforces a uniform, high standard of quality. Stringent specifications ensure that customers receive the best possible performance bottle to bottle, lot to lot.

Technical Service

National Diagnostics’ technical service department is staffed by individuals with extensive practical and theoretical expertise in molecular biology and histology. Our technical staff acts as a partner in your research efforts, offering not only clear concise answers to your questions but also helpful suggestions and technical insights that both our own laboratories and our customers have found useful.

Laboratory Safety

National Diagnostics was the first company to introduce stabilized acrylamide solutions to the marketplace. At that time we recognized the hazards associated with handling solid acrylamide and offered safer solutions to our customers. Our OptiClear and Histo-Clear solvents provide similarly safer options to optics and histology laboratories. Overall, we are very proud of our role in enhancing the safety of laboratory workers by the introduction of novel, low-hazard products that do not sacrifice results.

Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to bringing biodegradable, low toxicity product alternatives to the laboratory is exemplified by our Liquid Scintillation and Laboratory Cleaning product lines. Over the years National Diagnostics has kept a focus on “green” chemistry, allowing researchers to emphasize environmental responsibility without compromising quality. Our biodegradable scintillation cocktails dramatically reduce the amount of hazardous waste produced in a given experiment, and our cleaning solvent alternatives allow users to eliminate the use of xylene, toluene, and other harmful solvents.

National Diagnostics - Lab Tech

We encourage you to call our Technical Service Department with any questions about National Diagnostics products, or about any molecular biology application.

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