October 4, 2013

National Diagnostics continues its tradition of bringing laboratories more high quality options for scientific research by introducing three new p

July 23, 2012

National Diagnostics announces the release of a new, ultra-high sensitivity reagent for HRP mediated Western Blotting.

Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X)

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10% discount on purchase of 4 or more 4 liter units
  • Manufactured with Ultra-Pure Electrophoresis Grade Reagents
  • 18 Megohm Water & 0.2 Micron Filtration
  • Saves Time and Improves Reproducibility in Western Blotting
Catalog number: EC-880

Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X) is a concentrated solution in distilled/deionized water. This buffer is intended to act as the tank buffer in Western electroblotting procedures. It is also the recommended buffer for use with nitrocellulose and nylon membranes.

Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X) is already in solution which eliminates the weighing, mixing and adjusting of the pH necessary with powdered buffers. To prepare 1 liter of working strength buffer, add 100 ml of Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer to 200 ml of methanol and 700 ml of distilled/deionized water.

Tris-Glycine Electroblotting Buffer (10X) contains 0.25M Tris base and 1.92M glycine, with a pH of 8.4.