ProtoStain Blue

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  • The faster, more sensitive colloidal Coomassie Blue stain
  • Bands appear in 15 minutes
  • Safe, nonhazardous formula
Catalog number: EC-727

ProtoStain Blue is a colloidal Coomassie Blue G-250 solution that is a safer, more sensitive method for detecting proteins on electrophoresis gels.   Bands begin to appear in only 15 minutes, and ProtoStain Blue has the ability to detect down to 1ng denatured BSA.

ProtoStain Blue is safe and nonhazardous, containing no methanol, acetic acid or phosphoric acid.  Where local regulations permit, ProtoStain Blue can be poured down the drain, as it is not classified as a hazardous waste according to United States Title 40 Code of Federations (40 CFR 261.24 (a)) and EEC Directive 79/831/EEC Annex VII, JIS K 3363-1967 (always consult local and state regulations before disposing of any laboratory reagents).