ProtoBlue Safe

  • Fast, Easy to Use Protocol
  • Ecofriendly; Nonhazardous disposal
  • Costs Less than Regular Coomassie
Catalog number: EC-722

The Best Performing Colloidal Stain - Detects as little as 5ng protein

Compared to similar stains, the more finely controlled colloidal structure of ProtoBlue Safe improves both the sensitivity and the universality of staining. ProtoBlue Safe is less prone to high background caused by trace residual SDS in the gel.

Costs Less than Regular Coomassie

Laboratories typically spend twice as much per gel in the methanol and acetic acid for staining and destaining with regular Coomassie than for ProtoBlue Safe (including ethanol cost). In addition, ProtoBlue Safe is much faster, more sensitive, and you can pour the used stain solution down the drain. Protein visualization is faster, safer, more sensitive and less expensive with ProtoBlue Safe.

Nonhazardous Disposal

Used stain solution is not a hazardous waste (as defined by United States Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 261.24(a)).

Fast Protocol - No Methanol or Acetic Acid

Your sample can be detected with these three quick, easy steps:

  1. Wash gel three times for five minutes with deionized water on an orbital shaker.
    (Note: This step is optional. A longer incubation in stain solution and longer post-stain washing can substitute for this wash step.)
  2. Add one part ethanol to nine parts staining solution while stirring. Adding ethanol greatly improves sensitivity, reproductivity and shelf life compared to solutions that add ethanol at point of manufacture.
  3. Add enough staining solution to completely cover the gel. Bands containing more than 1 μg will be detected within 15 minutes.
    (Note: For sensitivity up to 5 ng, incubate the gel in stain for at least five hours.)


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