ProtoGel Quick-Cast 12%

  • Ideal for Western Blotting Applications
  • Cast a 12% Gel in One Fourth the Time
  • Eliminates Mixing and Measuring
  • Precast Convenience without the Precast Price
Catalog number: EC-895


For even sharper bands and higher resolution, use Protogel Quick Cast Loading Buffer. Specially formulated to give superior results on Quick Cast Gels. Now your Quick Cast gels give even better results!

With the introduction of ProtoGel Quick-Cast, the time required for casting gels for Western Blots has been reduced from 2 hours to under 25 minutes, and the number of steps involved has been cut from 10 to only 3. With ProtoGel Quick-Cast, simply measure out the amount needed, add initiators and cast the gel. No mixing, no multiple measurements, no need for a second casting to produce a stacking gel.

ProtoGel Quick-Cast gels are run in standard 1X Tris-Glycine SDS. Electrical parameters will vary from apparatus to apparatus, but typically gels are run at 170V for 60 minutes.


Ideal for Western Blotting

Quick Cast Western Blot

Mouse liver protein (25mg) was resolved on either a 12% Protogel Quick Cast gel (1) or a 12% Laemlli gel (2) and blotted to PVDF. The respective blots were probed an Anti-GAPDH antibody @ 1:50,000 dilution and an HRP-conjugated secondary antibody @ 1:50,000 dilution. The blots were detected with ProtoGlow ECL substrate. 


ProtoGel Quick-Cast gels require no special handling after the run. Simply stain according to standard protocols.

Storage: ProtoGel Quick-Cast is stable for 24 months when stored tightly capped in the refrigerator (4°C).


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