Glass Bond

Chemically bonds the gel to the glass plate

Prevents cracking and tearing of the gel

Catalog number: EC-620
National Diagnostics' Glass Bond allows polyacrylamide gels to be affixed to one of the glass plates used for casting electrophoresis gels. The glass plate is chemically modified so that the gel becomes covalently bound to the glass, enabling it to be manipulated without danger of the gel ripping or slipping off the plate. Glass Bond is especially convenient for treating large sequencing plates, as subsequent manipulation can be performed without fear of ripping or disrupting the gel. On plates treated with Glass Bond, the gels dry down to a smooth plastic film without the use of a gel dryer, thus autoradiography can easily be performed.
Storage: Glass Bond is best stored tightly capped in a cool dry area.
A total of 6.25 liters of bonding solution (enough for over 100 applications on 40 X 40 cm glass plates) can be made from one 25 ml bottle of Glass Bond.

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