AquaPor LE GTAC Agarose

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  • Highest Quality Molecular Biology Grade Agarose
  • Low Electroendosmosis
  • DNase and RNase free
  • Rapidly Dissolving, Low Boil-Over
Catalog number: EC-202

AquaPor LE GTAC is the highest quality general purpose agarose gel available, ideal for most routine applications. Low EEO reduces diffusion of smaller fragments and results in sharper, more clearly defined bands. High gel strength facilitates ease of use and handling of gels. Ultra fine partcle size ensures the fastest and easiest dissolution.  AquaPor LE is certified to contain no detectable DNase, RNase, or protease. It makes an excellent matrix for resolution of nucleic acids as well as high molecular weight proteins. AquaPor LE may be used confidently for Southern, Northern, and Western blotting, as well as in-gel hybridizations.

EEO (-mr) Gel Strength (g/cm2) Gel Temp (0C)
≤ 0.12 ≥ 1200 @ 1.0% ≥ 37 @ 1.0%