AquaPor ES GTAC Agarose

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  • Ultra High Strength/Low EEO Agarose
  • Blotting of MegaBase DNA
  • Finest Particle Size for Fastest Dissolution
Catalog number: EC-203
The very low EEO of AquaPor ES will significantly reduce electrophoresis times for Pulsed Field Gel (PFG) applications, and also increase band sharpness. The extremely high gel strength makes it possible to cast gels as low as 0.3% which remain intact through staining, destaining, photographic documentation, and blotting. These low percentage gels may be used for the electrophoretic separation of DNA fragments as large as 50 kb, and macromolecular protein complexes from 500 kDa to 10 MDa size.  Ultra-fine particle size ensures fastest dissolution for easiest gel preparation.

EEO (-mr)Gel Strength (g/cm2)Gel Temp (°C)
≤ 0.05≥ 3200 @ 1.5%≤ 40 @ 1.0%
Melt Temp (°C)Sulfate (%)DNase, RNase, Protease
≤ 89 @ 1.5%≤ 0.20None