Ammonium Persulfate - ULTRA PURE

  • Initiator for Polymerization of Acrylamide Gels
  • High Purity, Low Moisturel
Catalog number: EC-504

AquaPor 3:1 GTAC Agarose

  • For Smaller Fragments
  • Easily Cast Higher Percentage Gels
  • Dissolves Quickly
Catalog number: EC-206

AquaPor Agarose Protocol

A. Add room temperature buffer to a flask that is 2.5 – 4 times the volume of gel solution. Add a teflon-coated stir bar.
B. Add AquaPor powder while stirring vigorously so the agarose is dispersed uniformly. Stir for 2 minutes to hydrate the agarose.
C. Tare the flask and solution.
D. Place in a microwave oven and heat at 100% power using 20 – 60 second intervals. Swirl gently between intervals to resuspend the agarose.

AquaPor ES GTAC Agarose

  • Highest Gel Strength
  • Cast Low Percentage Gels for Larger Fragments
  • Ultra-Fine Powder for Fastest Dissolution
Catalog number: EC-203


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