October 4, 2013

National Diagnostics continues its tradition of bringing laboratories more high quality options for scientific research by introducing three new p

July 23, 2012

National Diagnostics announces the release of a new, ultra-high sensitivity reagent for HRP mediated Western Blotting.


  • General Purpose Agarose
  • Low EEO for highest resolution
  • Fastest Dissolving
Catalog Number: EC-202
  • Highest Gel Strength
  • Cast Low Percentage Gels for Larger Fragments
  • Ultra-Fine Powder for Fastest Dissolution
Catalog Number: EC-203
  • Low Melting Agarose
  • Ideal for Sample Recovery, In Gel Reactions
  • Finest Particle Size for Most Rapid Dissolution
Catalog Number: EC-204
  • Highest Resolution of Small Fragments
  • Resolve 2% Size Differences
  • Rapid Dissolution
Catalog Number: EC-205
  • For Smaller Fragments
  • Easily Cast Higher Percentage Gels
  • Dissolves Quickly
Catalog Number: EC-206

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