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DNA and RNA Detection



Quantity discount when you buy four or more bottles!Catalog Number: LS-315Size: 1 liter

  • High-resolution autoradiographic image intensifier
  • Rapid enhancement of low energy beta-emitters
  • For polyacrylamide gels, paper chromatography, and TLC plates
  • Water-based, odorless, contains no DMSO

Dextran Sulfate – ULTRA PURE

Catalog number: EC-877

Aids information of networks (highly localized concentrations of probes) during hybridization, thus expediting the annealing process.

Molecular Weight Purity
500,000 99%

Neutralization Solution

Neutralization Solution

Quantity discount when you buy 4 or more bottles!

Catalog Number: EC-876

ational Diagnostics’ Neutralization Solution is a ready-to-use sodium chloride-tris buffer solution. It is especially designed for use in Southern and Northern Blotting, and in situ hybridization procedures.

Neutralization Solution contains 3M NaCl and 0.5M Tris in distilled/deionized water.



Quantity discount when you buy 4 or more bottles!

Catalog Number: EC-730

Size: 25 ml
  • UV Free Visualization of DNA and RNA
  • Improves Yield in PCR Purification from Agarose Gels
  • Easy and Safe

SSC Buffer (20X)

Catalog number: EC-873
SSC Buffer (20X) is a concentrated solution of sodium chloride-sodium citrate in distilled/deionized water. SSC Buffer is widely used in nucleic acid blotting and hybridization protocols.
SSC Buffer (20X) is already in solution, which eliminates the weighing, mixing, and adjusting of pH necessary with powdered buffers. The 20X formulation allows for easy dilutions to all needed concentrations.
SSC Buffer (20X) contains 3M sodium chloride and 0.3M sodium citrate (pH 7.0).

SSPE (20X)

Catalog number: EC-910
Size: 1 Liter
  • DNase and RNase free
  • Made with 18 megOhm water
  • pH adjusted for optimum results
  • Autoclave

Washing buffer for Northern and Southern blotting.