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  • Tissue and Gel Solubilizer
  • Suitable for a Wide Array of Sample Types
Catalog number: LS-311

Solusol is a superior solubilizing agent which may be used with a wide variety of samples. Solusol accepts large aqueous samples and accommodates most animal and plant tissues and tissue homogenates with minimal quenching and high efficiency. Solusol has also been efficiently used to recover labeled samples from polyacrylamide gels.

Simply add sample to a glass scintillation vial with a nonmetallic cap (pre-wet sample if tissue is dehydrated). Add Solusol to sample vial, allow to digest and count. An aromatic-based scintillation solution is recommended for counting. National Diagnostics' Soluscint XR (Order No. LS-314) is ideally suited for this purpose.

Storage: Solusol is best stored tightly capped in a freezer under nitrogen.


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