Ecoscint A

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  • The Ideal Universal Scintillation Cocktail
  • All Around Performance
  • High Efficiency with High Sample Holding
  • Biodegradable, Reduced Toxicity Solvent
  • High Flash Point (>150°C)
Catalog number: LS-273

Ecoscint A displays exceptional sample holding capability while still delivering high efficiency, easily accommodating up to 40% sample while maintaining a single liquid phase. Furthermore, Ecoscint A has exceptional resistance to photoluminescence and chemiluminescence. Ecoscint A is readily biodegradable, with a mean DOC elimination of >70% at 10 days. The high flash point, low odor and low toxicity of Ecoscint A make it perfect for benchtop work, as it is not necessary to use or store under a fume hood.

Ecoscint A maintains its high sample hold capacity for a broad range of solution types, delivering high efficiency counting for many different types of samples.

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