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  • Completely Dissolving Wipes for Environmental Tests
  • Greater Counting Efficiency
  • Increased Reliability
  • Safe and Easy to Use
Catalog number: NW-300

Nuc-Wipes are dissolvable pads which assure superior environmental wipe tests. Nuc-Wipes are completely soluble in any scintillation solution, and because Nuc-Wipes dissolve completely, no emitted beta ray can be hindered or absorbed by an undissolved portion of the wipe. Nuc-Wipes allow full 4π counting efficiencies, thereby eliminating the possibility of lost counts due to absorption of beta rays by the filter itself.

Using intact filters for environmental wipe tests can give inaccurate, erratic results. Beta rays originating from particles on intact filters are attenuated and absorbed by the filter. Furthermore, depending on the relative affinity of the material for the solution, as material leaves the filter for the solution, counts change over time.

Nuc-Wipes eliminate the dependence of results on the direction of the filter paper and time. Nuc- Wipes dissolve in scintillation fluid, and as a result there is no intact filter to absorb or attenuate beta emissions. 4π counting efficiency is achieved, giving reproducible results.



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