Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit

  • Sensitive, Quantitative Assay for Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Detects as Little as 15ng/ml
  • Easy-to-use, Colorimetric System
Catalog number: CL-204

Hydrogen peroxide is a part of the oxygen reduction pathway, produced by the two-electron reduction of molecular oxygen, or by the one electron reduction of superoxide anion radical. Hydrogen peroxide is a potent oxidant, and the levels of hydrogen peroxide must be accurately determined in order to fully characterize the oxidative state of the system under study.

National Diagnostics Hydrogen Peroxide Assay Kit is a rapid, sensitive and quantitative method for the determination of Hydrogen Peroxide in chemical or biological systems. The assay is based upon formation of a complex between Xylenol Orange and ferric iron, which is produced by the peroxide dependent oxidation of ferrous iron. This reaction is quantified colorimetrically, detecting as little as 15ng/ml of peroxide. Linear results can be obtained up to approximately 1000ng/ml.

National Diagnostics Hydrogen Peroxide Assay is the ideal complement to our well established Diogenes Superoxide detection system. Using these kits in tandem, researchers can now quantitatively determine the first two steps in the oxygen reduction pathway.

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