• Cellular Luminescence Enhancement System for Superoxide Detection
  • Easy to Use - Specific for Superoxide
  • From 100-Fold to 600-Fold Enhancement
  • Requires Fewer Cells - Non Cytotoxic
Catalog number: CL-202

Diogenes Cellular Luminescence Enhancement System is a superoxide chemiluminescent enhancer that is non-denaturing to living cells. Superoxide radical (O2-) is produced intracellularly as a consequence of aerobic metabolism and extracellularly by leukocytes in response to infection. The extent of oxidative burst produced by white blood cells (WBCs) when stimulated by f-met-leu-phe, phorbol esters, anti-Fc receptor antibodies or LPS is a partial indicator of the immunocompetence of the cells tested.

Currently, the production of O2- by leukocytes is monitored by such cumbersome and indirect methods as measuring oxygen uptake in a Clark electrode (both in the presence and absence of cyanide) or measuring spectral changes caused by the reduction of cytochrome c. As a non-cytotoxic intermediate in the mechanism of photon production, Diogenes is ideally suited to the detection of cell-mediated superoxide production. The intensity of light produced by Diogenes in the presence of superoxide is directly proportional to the O2- concentration, but is much higher than that achieved by using luminol. Therefore, Diogenes is ideal for monitoring cellular immunocompetence, utilizing a luminometer to quantify the light output. Any stimulant that activates an oxidase to produce extracellular superoxide is usable with Diogenes. Such means can be physiological ormimetic of the physiologic pathway.


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