National Diagnostics Bottle-top Dispenser

  • Guaranteed to be compatibile with all National Diagnostics scintillation cocktails 
  • Spring-lock cursor design ensures fine adjustment for exact and reproducible dispensing
  • Easily removable PTFE piston for cleaning and smooth action
  • Borosilicate glass barrel protected with a transparent polypropylene sleeve
  • Easy to adjust calibration mechanism
  • Anti-drip tap
Catalog number: LS-900

Guaranteed compatibility with all National Diagnostics scintillation cocktails, the National Diagnostics Bottle-Top Dispenser has an accuracy of delivery with 0.3% on maximum delivery and a precision better than 0.1% CV.

The National Diagnotics Bottle-Top Dispenser is fitted with an anti-drip safety valve, a feature which guards against drips when the Bottle-top Dispenser is not in use. A fine adjustment mechanism allows for even greater reproducibility for repeat dispensing. The right-angled delivery spout ensures accurate dispensing into narrow scintillation vials.

Unlike other bottle-top dispensers, the National Diagnostics Bottle-Top Dispenser can be disassembled from the pedestal for thorough cleaning. The dispenser comes with 33, 38 and 45 mm adapters to fit our 1 liter and 4 liter bottles.


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