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  • Extremely High Sample Holding Capacity
  • Clear Continuous Liquid Phase to 50% Sample
  • No Gel Phase
  • High Efficiency
Catalog number: LS-191

Monofluor is a complete liquid scintillation solution designed to count extremely large sample volumes. A 5.0ml aqueous sample can be counted as a crystal clear mobile liquid in 10ml Monofluor. With Monofluor, the suspension remains homogeneous with increasing sample volumes. There are no two-phase regions or non-homogeneous gel suspensions. The efficiency of Monofluor is nearly linear throughout its counting range without the drop-off encountered in gel phase counting.

Monofluor is manufactured from our exclusive high flash point, low evaporation rate liquid scintillation solvent which offers higher counting efficiencies as well as reduced fire hazard and exposure to aromatic solvents.

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