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  • Economical Traditional Formulation
  • Solid Consistent Performer
  • High Flash Point Low Evaporation Rate Solvent
Catalog number: LS-121

Liquiscint is an economical, ready-to-use liquid scintillation solution designed for aqueous and organic samples. Liquiscint is intended as a general replacement for toluene-Triton X-100 LSC solutions.

For no more than you are now paying to prepare your own solutions, Liquiscint offers the advantages of convenience and safety, as well as stringent quality control testing to ensure consistency from batch to batch.

Liquiscint is manufactured using our exclusive high flash point, low evaporation rate solvent which offers higher counting efficiency while also reducing fire hazard and exposure to aromatic solvents.

Storage: Liquiscint is best stored tightly capped in a cool dry area. It is stable for five years under normal conditions. Flash point 114oF (TCC).

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