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  • For Large Volume Aqueous Samples
  • High Counting Efficiency
  • Ready-To-Use for All Sample Types
  • Nonflammable Solvent Base
Catalog number: LS-111

Hydrofluor is a high efficiency, ready-to-use liquid scintillation solution designed to count large volumes of aqueous radioactive samples. Hydrofluor contains LSC grade fluors and solvents for one-step sample preparation. Up to 5 ml of aqueous solutions (acids, bases or biological fluids) can be incorporated in 10 ml of Hydrofluor and counted with high efficiency. Additionally, Hydrofluor has been specially designed to offer extremely low backgrounds and minimize chemiluminescence.

Hydrofluor may be used to prepare samples in either liquid or gel form. Sample volumes up to 15% Hydrofluor volume form clear mobile solutions. Sample volumes from 25-50% Hydrofluor volume form stable countable gels which may be used to suspend solids such as TLC plate scrapings. Sample volumes between 15-25% Hydrofluor volume form a two-phase system which is not recommended for counting. Increasing the sample or scintillator content of these systems shifts them into the countable phase range (see graph below).

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