Protein Detection

Smeared Bands

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Particulate in the sample: Standard loading buffers are often unable to completely dissolve complex samples-  fragments of bacterial cell walls, for example, can be carried over into the well.  Particulate material in the well blocks…

Blotches on Gel

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This gel can be recovered in most cases by fully destaining in methanol:water: acetic acid, followed by a fresh round of staining.  In severe cases, the deposits may be removed by gently spraying the gel…

Uneven Staining

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Uneven staining is almost always the result of insufficient agitation during staining.  The gel is initially more dense than the staining solution and will tend to sink to the bottom of the dish.  Some portions…

Coomassie Blue Stain- Troubleshooting

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If your gel doesn’t look like this one, click on the problem below to find the solution: Faint bands on a low background Learn More Faint bands on a high background Learn More Uneven Staining…