OptiClear W

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  • Miscible in Water
  • Water Can be Used as a Post Wash
Catalog number: OE-106
OptiClear W is a nonflammable, biodegradable solvent intended to remove grease and oil from optical and electronic components. OptiClear W is miscible in all proportions with water. This eliminates the need for a solvent dip, since water can be used as a post wash.
  1. Use undiluted.
  2. Set up an OptiClear W bath at room temperature and soak components for 15 minutes to one hour. OptiClear W can also be warmed to 140ºF. For lighter cleaning applications, OptiClear W can be used as a spray. Keep product away from sparks and flame.
  3. Remove components from bath and allow OptiClear W to evaporate.
  4. If excessive residue remains, rinse with water.

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