OptiClear S2

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  • Highest Flash Point OptiClear Solvent
  • Leaves No Residue
Catalog number: OE-107
OptiClear S2 is a nonflammable, odorless degreaser that removes light oil from optics and electronics components. OptiClear S2 is nonconductive and leaves no residue. OptiClear S2 can also be used to remove wax and pitch; however, the necessary soaking time is longer than that required for OptiClear Original. OptiClear S2 has a higher flash point than OptiClear S but evaporates more slowly than OptiClear S.
  1. Use undiluted.
  2. Set up an OptiClear S2 bath and warm to 130ºF. Keep product away from sparks and flame. Soak components for 15 minutes to 1 hour. For lighter cleaning applications, OptiClear S2 can be used as a spray.
  3. Remove components from bath and allow OptiClear S2 to evaporate.
  4. OptiClear S2 does not leave a residue, so a post-rinse is not necessary.

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