OptiClear S

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Save 8 percent when you buy four or more gallon-sized bottles of OptiClear S!
  • Higher Flash Point than the Original OptiClear
  • Leaves No Residue
Catalog number: OE-105
OptiClear S is a nonflammable, odorless degreaser that removes light oil from optics and electronics components. OptiClear S is nonconductive and leaves no residue. OptiClear S can also be used to remove wax and pitch; although the necessary soaking time is longer than that required for the original OptiClear. OptiClear S has a higher flash point and evaporates more slowly than OptiClear E.
  1. Use undiluted.
  2. Set up an OptiClear S bath and warm to 100°F. Keep product away from sparks and flame. Soak components for 15 minutes to 1 hour. For lighter cleaning applications, OptiClear S can be used as a spray.
  3. Remove components from bath and allow OptiClear S to evaporate.
  4. OptiClear S does not leave a residue, so a post-rinse is not necessary.

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