ProtoGlow ECL

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  • Enhanced chemiluminescent substrate
  • Extended signal life
  • Long shelf life/extra reliability
  • Less antibody needed
Catalog number: CL-300

National Diagnostics' ProtoGlow ECL delivers the latest technology developed for enhanced chemiluminescent detection on Western blots. The unique chemistry of the ProtoGlow ECL system increases the sensitivity of Western blots by up to 20 fold. This allows the detection of proteins at lower abundance and/or the use of higher dilutions of primary and secondary antibodies, economizing on these expensive reagents.

The improved sensitivity of ProtoGlow ECL is demonstrated below. Serial dilutions of  transferrin were blocked and probed with HRP labelled antibody, and then subjected to detection using ProtoGlow ECL. ProtoGlow ECL detected down to 5ng of transferrin.

Gel detected with ProtoGlow ECL
Gel electroblotted onto nitrocellulose and probed with HRP-labelled antibody at 1:30,000 dilution. Detection using ProtoGlow ECL. Blots were exposed for 90 seconds. Lane 1) 100 ng; Lane 2) 50 ng; Lane 3) 25 ng; Lane 4) 10 ng; Lane 5) 5 ng.


Long Lasting Signal

ProtoGlow ECL generates a consistent light output for as long as 120 minutes. This ensures results are more reproducible: exposure to exposure, blot to blot. It also allows multiple exposures of a single blot to be taken to optimize the signal:noise ratio.

Gel detected with ProtoGlow ECL
Sequential exposures of serially diluted HRP conjugated anti-transferrin antibody detected with ProtoGlow ECL. Exposures of 60 seconds were taken at 0, 30, 60 and 180 minutes. Dilutions: Lane 1) 1:10,000; Lane 2) 1:20,000; Lane 3) 1:40,000; Lane 4) 1:80,000; Lane 5) 1:160,000.


ProtoGlow ECL allows the researcher to use less antibody. The extremely enhanced signal from ProtoGlow ECL allows you to use anywhere from 4 to 40 times less antibody per blot while retaining the same detection sensitivity. This in turn allows you to economize on the consumption of expensive antisera.

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