AquaPor LM GTAC Agarose

  • Low Melting Agarose
  • Ideal for Sample Recovery, In Gel Reactions
  • Finest Particle Size for Most Rapid Dissolution
Catalog number: EC-204


  • Autoradiography Enhancer
  • Higher Sensitivity than Solvent/PPO
  • Water Based, Low Toxicity
  • For Gels, Chromatograms, etc
Catalog number: LS-315

Autofluor Protocol

1. After staining, fix the gel with 5% glacial acetic acid, 5% isopropyl alcohol, and 90% water. Fix for 15 to 20 minutes. Pour off fixing solution and discard according to radioactive disposal procedures.

2. Rinse the gel in a continuous flow of tap water for 15 minutes to assure the complete removal of acetic acid residue.


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