Fundamentals of Liquid Scintillation Counting

Radioactive Emissions and the Use of Isotopes in Research

Radioactive decay occurs with the emission of particles or electromagnetic radiation from an atom due to a change within its nucleus.

Measurement of Radiation and Isotope Quantitation

Most research applications of radioisotopes require an eventual quantitation of the isotope, which is done by measuring the intensity of radiation

Mechanism of Liquid Scintillation Counting

By eliminating the combustion steps needed for gas phase analysis, the introduction of liquid scintillation counting (LSC) reduced the time require

Counting Efficiency and Quenching

While the effectiveness of a scintillation cocktail may be expressed a number of ways, it is most often given as the percentage of emission events

The Complete Scintillation Cocktail

Living creatures contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds, any of which may be labeled during the course of a radioactive experiment.


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