Ecoscint Flow

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  • Ultra-High Sample-Hold Flow Cocktail
  • Low Viscosity
  • Non-Gelling
  • Ultra-High Sample Hold (1:1 Cocktail to Sample)
  • High Counting Efficiency
Catalog number: LS-288
Formulated for multipurpose flow applications, Ecoscint Flow represents the utilization of National Diagnostics' new advances in scintillation fluid chemistry to create a low viscosity cocktail. Ecoscint Flow accepts a wide range of HPLC gradients at a 1:1 ratio, providing high counting efficiency (25% 3H efficiency at 1:1 cocktail/sample). Even difficult samples such as 0.1N NaOH mix rapidly to yield a clear, nonviscous emulsion.

Sample Hold (Volume of sample per 10ml Ecoscint Flow)

Hydrochloric Acid 0.1N             6ml        
Sodium Hydroxide 0.1N                 8ml    
Sodium Chloride 0.5M                     10ml
Sodium Chloride 1M           5ml          
Ammonium Acetate 15mM                     10ml
Ammonium Acetate 0.25M                     10ml
Tris-HCl 0.05M pH7                     >10ml
Tris-HCl 0.5M pH7                     10ml
Washing Buffer 1X PBS                     10ml
Ammonium Sulfate 0.1M                     10ml
Acetonitrile: 1% HOAc 75.25%               7ml      
Acetonitrile: 1% HOAc 50.50%           5ml          
Acetonitrile: 1% HOAc 25.75%           5ml          
Acetonitrile: 1% HOAc 0.100%                     10ml
Acetonitrile: 0.1% TFA 75.25%               7.5ml      
Acetonitrile: 0.1% TFA 50.50%           5.5ml          
Acetonitrile: 0.1% TFA 25.75%           5.5ml          
Acetonitrile: 0.1% TFA 0.100%                     >10ml
Acetonitrile: 1X PBS 75.25%       2.5-3ml              
Acetonitrile: 1X PBS 50.50%       2.5-3ml              
Acetonitrile: 1X PBS 25.75%         3.5ml            
Acetonitrile: 1X PBS 0.100%                 8ml    
Methylene Chloride All proportions
Acetonitrile All proportions
Ammonium Persulfate 1M         4ml            

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