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  • For Non-Aqueous Samples
  • High Counting Efficiency
  • Ready-To-Use
  • Economical
Catalog number: LS-151

Betafluor is a pre-mixed scintillation solution designed to count virtually all nonaqueous and organic samples with greatly improved efficiencies. Betafluor contains all necessary primary and secondary fluors and solvents. It is precisely quality controlled to assure lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility of results. Simply combine the nonaqueous sample with 10-15 ml Betafluor, shake well and count.

Betafluor has lower backgrounds and improved quench resistance over toluene-based scintillators, and tritium efficiencies over 55% are obtainable. Betafluor is formulated with our exclusive high flash point, low evaporation rate LSC solvent which offers higher counting efficiencies as well as reduced fire hazard and exposure to aromatic solvents.

Storage: Betafluor is best stored tightly capped in a cool dry area. No deterioration has been observed on storage for five years at room temperature or heating to 50 oC for one week or cooling to -30 oC for one week. Flash point 114 oF (TCC). Shipping weight 12 lbs. (1x1 gal.), 49 lbs. (4x1 gal.).

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