20ml Scintillation Vials with Screw Caps

  • Precision Molded
  • Highest Quality HDPE
  • Leak-Tight Seal
  • Economical
Catalog number: SVC-20

National Diagnostics' scintillation vials are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), providing low permeability to the organic solvents typically used in liquid scintillation counting. These scintillation vials are manufactured as a one-piece moulding with no seams, thus eliminating cracked vials, pinholes and leakage. National Diagnostics' vials also provide excellent UV light transmission for higher efficiency.

A tough, resilient sealing ring is precision-molded into the cap. This offers a secure seal and prevents leakage in general applications. National Diagnostics' scintillation vials are designed to accommodate all conventional scintillation solutions. Additionally, using National Diagnostics' Ecoscint family of biodegradable, low-toxicity, nonhazardous liquid scintillation solutions improves the safety of liquid scintillation procedures.

National Diagnostics offers two types of scintillation vials: 20ml standard vials with screw caps and 6ml minivials with push-on/twist-off caps. The minivials with push-on / twist-off caps offer a novel closure system. The push-on/twistoff cap is a safer, more time-efficient alternative to the normal screw-on or plug cap. The push-on/twist-off cap pushes on for fast closure. This is especiallyhelpful when processing many vials at one time. The cap then twists off as a normal screw cap for safer reopening. This eliminates the splashing caused by the removal of plug caps and avoids loss of radioactivity and/or personal contamination. The push-on/twist-off cap also eliminates the possibility of the cap popping off due to pressure buildup in the vial. The vial can be opened and closed many times both safely and easily.

National Diagnostics' scintillation vials are available bulk-packed, one thousand (1000) per case.