SequaGel UreaGel System Protocol

Mix UreaGel System Components:
Determine how much UreaGel Concentrate, Diluent, and Buffer you need to make your gels using the formulas below. Combine the necessary components in an Erlenmeyer flask. Swirl gently to mix.

For 100 ml Gel Casting Solution:
Vc =(Vt) (X)/25
Vb = 0.1 (Vt)
Vd = Vt - (Vc + Vb)

Vc = UreaGel Concentrate Volume
Vb = UreaGel Buffer Volume
Vd = UreaGel Diluent Volume
Vt = Total Casting Solution Volume
X = % Gel Desired


To make 100ml of an 8% gel, calculate the UreaGel solution volume to be added as follows:
Vc =(100) (8)/25 = 32ml UreaGel Concentrate
Vb = 0.1 (100) = 10ml UreaGel Buffer
Vd = 100 - (32 + 10) = 58ml UreaGel Diluent

Add Initiators and Cast Gel:
Add 40 microliters of TEMED for every 100 ml of gel casting solution. Swirl gently to mix. Add 0.8 ml of FRESHLY PREPARED 10% ammonium persulfate for every 100ml of gel casting solution. Swirl gently to mix. Cast the gel. Insert the comb and allow to polymerize one to two hours.

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