ProtoStain Blue Protocol

Note: This protocol is optimized for a 0.75mm thick gel. Thicker gels require longer water
To conserve solution, use a plastic container.
  1. Wash gel 3 times at 10 minutes each with deionized water on an orbital shaker. Decant wash solution. Longer washes give better consistency.

  2. After the last wash, add enough ProtoStain Blue solution to completely cover the gel. Invert bottle before use to resuspend particles before dispensing stain solution.

  3. Bands containing more than 1μg of protein will be detected within 15 minutes. For full sensitivity incubate the gel in the stain for at least 4-5 hours. Longer incubations in the stain will not adversely affect the gel or the staining sensitivity.

  4. Remove the stain and wash the gel in deionized water. Incubating the gel in water increases the sensitivity of detection by reducing the background to crystal clear. The gel is stable in water for up to a week without loss of sensitivity. There is no need to store the gel in a salt solution.
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