ProtoGel Quick Cast Protocol

Twenty Minute Casting

ProtoGel Quick-Cast contains the monomers and buffer components to produce a 12% gel.

  1. Measure out the volume of ProtoGel Quick-Cast needed to fill the cassette - typically 10ml for one mini-gel, 15ml for two.
  2. Add 100 microliters of fresh 10% APS and 10 microliters of TEMED per 10ml ProtoGel Quick-Cast. Mix briefly and pour into the gel cassette.
  3. 3. Insert comb and allow to polymerize at room temperature for 20 minutes. The gel is now ready to run.

For best results, it is recommended you use ProtoGel Quick-Cast Loading Buffer. Simply mix your samples with an equal volume of ProtoGel Quick-Cast Loading Buffer, load and run.

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