Glass Bond Protocol

Glass Free Method of Use
Basic Protocol

WARNING: Always work with Glass Free in a hood.

  1. For preparing glass plates for gel casting, Glass Free is to be used only on the removable upper plate. Clean the glass with detergent, water, distilled water, and methanol.
  2. After the plate is thorougly dry immerse it in a dish of Glass Free for 5 minutes, making sure that all areas of the glass are well covered by the reagent. Remove any trapped air bubbles. Use latex, PVC or polyethylene gloves.
  3. Remove the glass plate from the Glass Free vessel and thoroughly rinse it with an organic solvent such as toluene, xylene or mineral spirits.
  4. Rinse the solvent off with methanol. Lightly buff out the methanol with a paper towel. The plates are now ready for use. Store them in a plastic bag and interleaved with paper.
  5. To reuse a plate that has previously been treated with Glass Free wash the plate with water and distilled water, and follow by a final rinse with methanol and buff.
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