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National Diagnostics continues its tradition of bringing laboratories more high quality options for scientific research by introducing three new p

July 23, 2012

National Diagnostics announces the release of a new, ultra-high sensitivity reagent for HRP mediated Western Blotting.

AcrylaGel Protocol

Calculate how much AcrylaGel and Bis-AcrylaGel you need to make your gels by using the formulas below. Bring up to the desired final volume with your usual buffers and distilled water.

Mix Gel Solution
Va = (A)(Vt)/30

Vb = (A)(C)(Vt)/200
Va = Volume of AcrylaGel to be used (ml),
Vb = Volume of Bis-AcrylaGel to be used (ml),
Vt = Total volume of gel casting solution desired (ml),
A = % acrylamide desired in gel,
C = % crosslinker desired

EXAMPLE: To make 100ml of a 10% acrylamide gel 2.7% crosslinked with bis, calculate the volume to be added as follows:
Va = (10) (100)/30 = 33.3ml AcrylaGel
Vb = (10) (2.7) (100)/200 = 13.5ml Bis-AcrylaGel

Add APS and Cast Gel
Add 1.0ml of 10% (w/v) FRESHLY PREPARED Ammonium Persulfate for every 100ml of gel casting solution. Swirl gently to mix. Add 0.1ml of TEMED for every 100ml of gel casting solution. Swirl gently
to mix. Pour the solution into the gel casting cassette.

The gel should begin to set in 10-20 minutes.

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