AquaPor LM GTAC Agarose

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  • Low Melting Temperature
  • DNase and RNase free
  • Exceptional Gel Strength for a Low Melt Agarose
  • Fastest Dissolving
Catalog number: EC-204
AquaPor LM GTAC is a low melting temperature agarose for both large and small DNA fragments. For large fragments up to 25 kb, a 1% AquaPor LM solution forms a gel strong enough to be handled without fracturing. For separation of smaller fragments from 20 bp to 1,000 bp, AquaPor LM possesses low viscosity so that 3% or 4% gels can be made. DNA fragments separated in AquaPor LM may be immediately used for enzymatic manipulation in the presence of the remelted agarose. Ultra-fine particle size ensures fastest dissolution. AquaPor LM is certified to be DNase, RNase, and protease free. AquaPor LM is certified for in-gel PCR (re)amplification and in-gel ligation.


Melt Temp (°C)Gel Strength (g/cm2)Gel Temp (°C)
≤ 65 @ 1.0%≥ 450 @ 1.0%≤ 27 @ 1.5%