AquaPor HR GTAC Agarose

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  • High Strength High Resolution Agarose
  • Excellent for small DNA fragments, PCR products, and proteins
  • Ultra-Fine particle size for fastest dissolution
Catalog number: EC-205
AquaPor HR GTAC is our highest resolving agarose, specifically manufactured for optimal electrophoretic separation of small DNA fragments, PCR products, and proteins. AquaPor HR will resolve DNA down to 2% size difference. Uniform particle size minimizes boil over. Additionally, the high quality of this agarose has allowed the certification of AquaPor HR for Taq DNA-Polymerase directed PCR (re)amplification directly in the presence of the remelted gel. AquaPor HR is GTAC certified to be DNase, RNase, and protease free, and certified for in-gel PCR.

EEO (-mr)Gel Strength (g/cm2)Gel Temp (°C)
< 0.12> 400 @ 1.5%< 26 @ 1.5%
Melt Temp (°C)Sulfate (%)DNase, RNase, Protease
< 80 @ 1.5%< 0.20None