National Diagnostics introduces new products for genomic electrophoresis

National Diagnostics continues its tradition of bringing laboratories more high quality options for scientific research by introducing three new products.

First up, National Diagnostics introduces the 10X MESA RNA Electrophoresis Buffer.  Containing MOPS, EDTA and sodium acetate, this buffer can be used in a variety of ways in RNA electrophoresis analysis.

Next is the 20X SSPE Buffer.  The 20X SSPE Buffer’s primary use is to serve as the washing buffer for Northern and Southern blotting.

Finally is the traditional favorite Denhardt’s Solution.  Made, manufactured and packaged with great care, Denhardt’s Solution increases the speed and sensitivity of hybridization reactions.

These products were designed primarily for genomic electrophoretic analysis but can be used for any application the researcher needs.  Like many of National Diagnostics’ current buffers each of these products is DNase and RNAse free and made with distilled, deionized water with a resistivity of 18 megaOhms.

Each of these products—as well as many other high quality reagents—can be purchased by calling (800) 526-3867 in the United States, 44 (0) 1482-646020 in the European Union or contacting one of our distribution partners.  For more information on these or any other National Diagnostics product or to purchase online please visit

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